Welcome to Shortystinyhouse.com, home of my blog, “In Search of Nawaka”.  I try to update fairly regularly, but for day-to-day stuff, go find me on Facebook- Shorty’s Tiny House- the build and beyond.

Nawaka is (or was) a real place.  Camp Nawaka was located in the Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts.  For many summers it was “home”, first as a camper, then staff and now as an alumna.  The camp property was sold about 10 years ago, but it still lives on as Berkshire Soccer Academy, challenging a new generation of girls to be strong, creative and self-reliant.  Nawaka instilled that in me, and I don’t think my tiny house Nawaka would be a reality without having been a “Camp Nawaka Girl”

This site is also home to a bunch of tiny house information and resources, a living history village concept, and my historical sewing page, Snallygaster’s custom tailor.  There’s links to the tiny house festivals that my organization United Tiny House Association promotes.  Soon to come is a second blog- following the adventures of my granddaughter Aurora as she builds her tiny house- a gypsy wagon!

So welcome.  Browse, comment, ask away!

Nawaka in the news…..

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