talking up the tiny village

Olustee weekend, 2013. The 149th anniversary of Florida’s most significant Civil War battle. The Golden Teacup Society anchors a civilian village scenario, just south of the battlefield, and receives more visitors than any of the military camps. Some statistics:

  • 1500 reenactors
  • 5000 visitors
  • 21 tents in the civilian village
  • 4 hours to set up camp
  • 24 degrees, the low temperature each night
  • 3 mornings with ice on the dishwater
  • 1 – first time it has been so cold that lamp oil and propane has frozen
  • At least 100 visitors thanking us for being there
  • 31 visitors asking me if women really packed up our tents and followed the troops
  • 31 times I said “no, these tents represent our houses. Women did not follow the troops, they stayed home and looked after farms, crops and children”
  • At least 25 other reenactors I talked to about tiny Victorian houses
  • 5 hours to break down camp
  • 360 days until my own tiny house makes it’s debut at the 150th Olustee!

Home sweet weekend home


3 thoughts on “talking up the tiny village

  1. Hey shorty- I have a great set of Gingerbread wooden decorative brackets for the corner of your porch if you want them. was going to use them when I built but doesn’t llok like I will need them now! I’ll post pics when I dig them up.

  2. Like your summary of the Battle of Olustee experience, especially the amount of time required to set up and take down. That will all change with your Tiny House.

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