Every year for Lent, I try to give up a bad habit.  Some have been shallow (biting my nails), some deep (trashing the ex in front of the kids).  Most have stuck- if you can give up something for 40 days, you probably don’t need it, so I have always tried to use the concept of giving up something as a self improvement tool.  This year I thought I had given up sodas.  They are not good for me, and I was drinking way too many, so a good self improvement thing.  I had one relapse and it tasted funny, so this sacrifice will probably stick too.  But it was almost too easy, I had not given up enough.  Then it occured to me that I had really made the commitment to simplify my life, especially my “stuff” right around Ash Wednesday. Although I didn’t do it conciously as a Lent thing, I definitely did it prayerfully and with purpose, to get control of the clutter and chaos in my mental and physical life. So I’m counting two extra blessings this Easter, healthier body and healthier mind.

That being said, I did have a tiny relapse this week, I found the cutest hand crank sewing machine ever….  but I will get rid of three others, I promise!



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