Patience pays off

I am impatient to get started building.  Sure I have lots of stuff to do to get ready, supplies to buy and scavenge, a trailer to have built, and a housefull of junk to go through and get rid of.   But I am still fired up from the workshop in January, and so committed to building my tiny house.   Usually I am very patient, but I am so obsessed with this thing I am ready to get going!

In my strategic plan to get something tangible going, the next step is to get my final floor plans. I am not an engineer, but I can read a blueprint and have always drawn floorplans.  I have drawn and redrawn my tiny house floor plans; the exterior and lofts have been set in my mind, but the interior keeps getting tweaked as I find new ideas on Pinterest, buy a new item off ebay or a friend gives me the perfect window.    Last month, I sent the scale drawings I had done to Tumbleweed for the modifications to stretch the Lusby floor plan from an 18 foot trailer to 20 feet.  To my mind, this would be a no brainer, but not having built anything more Iinvolved than a chicken coop or doghouse, I didn’t want to risk my home engineering to my own “that’s obvious to me” design skills. Apparently I have some pretty expensive design thoughts, because the final tab for modifications came out to $4000!  There were discounts and this and that, cost came down some during the phone conversation, but quite frankly my brain had shut down at the initial sticker shock.  Well, the brain woke back up when Paul from Tumbleweed asked what my timeline for construction is.  I would like to start building this weekend, but realistically, I need to sell the boat, get together more supplies, sew for Gettysburg,  go to Gettysburg, sell some reenacting stuff…. you get the picture.  So I told Paul, realistically, sometime this summer.  Getting realistic saved me $4000!  Tumbleweed is coming out with a new plan, the Linden, in 90 days (July 1) that is on a 20 foot trailer with a full front porch!  I am now on the list for that floor plan, patience pays off!

So while I am being patient,  I am going to check out a couple of architectural salvage places I have found online, and maybe take a stained glass class to complete that perfect window!



2 thoughts on “Patience pays off

  1. Love that you are looking to reuse/recycle and looking forward to hearing more. That 20 ft. model sounds interesting, with a full porch, even better!

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