Technology meets the Victorian tiny house

Imagine you are visiting a Civil War fort. The year is 1864, you have traveled back in time. You have just met the soldier in the fort who has told you its history, and that this weekend it is home to a group of ladies doing classes. You go into the first classroom, the ladies are discussing turning old coverlets and pillowcases into clothing. These are hard times. You visit the kitchen, where the cook is preparing lunch in the huge brick fireplace. The next stop is the young ladies workshop, where the girls are learning to embroider. Finally a class on decorating boxes with shells, a nice souvenir to take home from this beachfront fort. But then there’s a classroom with dark burgundy velvet curtains drawn, what’s in here? Ten ladies in hoops crowded in to look at an image projected on a screen, BY A LAPTOP AND POWERPOINT PROJECTOR!?
Kind of breaks the living history mood, but we had a great time talking tiny Victorian Village at Ft. Clinch in Fernandina Beach last weekend! My house will look as out of place as our tents with furnishings do at a reenactment all alone, so I hope to get others motivated.  I worked up a powerpoint with a little history, inspiration, motivation and practicality rolled into an hour.  It is a doable thing!  We Golden Teacups are ready to build, and even a few visitors were asking questions about tiny houses, once they got past Victorian ladies with technology….


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