I am working on gathering materials for building the house. Ideally, I would like to use recycled or re-purposed construction supplies. The framing will all be new; I don’t want to take any chances. However all the materials that show will be recycled. I have been talking to friends who have supplies, and started gathering, so I will post here as well. Any amount of supplies are good, what I can’t use I will barter for what I need.

Basic quantities needed for the tiny house- new stuff:
1 roll of house wrap
1 roll of roof paper
100- 8′ 2×4’s
2- 12′ 2×4’s
6- 10′ 2×4’s
1- 18′ 2×4
10 sheets 3/8″ CDX plywood
8 sheets 1/2″ CDX plywood
Flexible pvc plumbing, 100′
4 circuit electrical panel
8 outlets

Recycled materials:
136 sf tongue and groove flooring
24 sf cedar or redwood for porch flooring
364 sf beadboard wall paneling
240 sf metal roofing. Prefer standing seam copper or tin.
364 sf board and batten siding.
6 wood frame windows, 24w x 36h
RV toilet

I have:
door parts
Interior ceiling tongue and groove panels
Front and rear windows
Water tanks
Hot water heater
Faucet/water pump
Pot bellied stove
Porch columns (don’t have them yet, but I have my eye on them)

Since the new stuff is such small amounts, I hope to get construction leftovers as much as possible. I am looking for teardown materials for the recycled stuff, but also have my eye on items at Schiller’s, our local architectural salvage place.

So, keep your eye out for me! Let me know here if you find anything on my list, free is preferable, but bartering and reasonable pricing is great too! I am itching to get started!

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