Giant Leaps

For months I have been taking tiny steps towards my tiny house dream. Today was a GIANT LEAP! I have been cleaning, selling on ebay, downsizing, selling on ebay, consolidating, selling on craigslist, and purging/selling on ebay. So today I took all the accumulated cash from selling off stuff and made a downpayment on the foundation of my future! Yes, I met with my custom trailer builder, took him all my water tanks and hookups, house plans and modifications and he’s starting work on my trailer! We are going with aluminum for the durability and the weight. He had some great suggestions for placement of the tanks, and we had a long discussion about SIPS. More on that later….
The trailer will have the floor of the house built in, no framing necessary. The tanks will be built into the foundation, and he’s able to frame it over the wheels. Having it custom built saves me 8″ in height (no stooping inside for Tom), and adds 6″ in interior width, which in a house that is only 8′ wide, is like 5.4% additional floor space. Not much but every inch counts. Basically, I can have a 30″ wide door instead of a 24″ slot to squash through and it won’t look out of proportion.

A while back, I posted about keeping it local.  Danny, my trailer guy, is in Plant City.  I met him through a guy I work with.  He’s checking into pricing on SIPS (again, more later or you can Google it), which will save time and money.  There’s some down to side about talking up the tiny house with people you work with, they probably think I’m really strange (but as a reenactor I’m used to that), but the up side is connections with people like Danny.  He’s calling back later this week with final pricing for everything we talked about, cost estimates of for the SIPS construction, and a delivery date for my GIANT LEAP.  It’s starting!


One thought on “Giant Leaps

  1. I am impressed with your progress at downsizing. For most people, that would be a very difficult process. Congratulations on the Giant Leap!

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