Finishing up the pre-build work

Now that I have a firm deadline to have the whole foundation of the house ready (Friday, June 27, 1pm), I have been spending every available non-raining daylight minute working on the infrastructure of the tiny house.

All of the wastewater plumbing is installed, as is the freshwater intake. I started installing the sub-floors, making very slow progress with my tiny, ancient, battery powered drill. I was getting about 2 screws per battery charge in-and each sheet of plywood needs about 10. Not really effective. A friend loaned me an electric drill- it doesn’t go much faster, but it doesn’t die either. So now the only thing stopping me is that it has decided to rain in Tampa every afternoon. For the past two weeks, you can set your clock by it, 6:30 every day it starts and continues until dark. So I have three and a half panels set of the four and a quarter needed; with a little sunshine on Saturday, that will be done too.

wastewater system

A month from tomorrow we’ll be building! So far 18 people have RSVP’d for the build, and there’s a few more not on FB who are coming. I am prepping other projects so if people stay over the weekend there’s things to do. I have all of my inside paneling, but it needs to have nails pulled and be sanded and stripped. Windows are ordered, they will need to be painted and installed. There should be plenty to do for anyone who wants to pick up a brush, hammer or sander!

interior paneling

Once I have the prep work done, and if it ever stops raining, I need to work on the back yard. It’s a jungle out there, we may lose a small child in the weeds…… just makes me more motivated for the day when the road and the National Parks are my backyard!


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