The build

What a month! I started a Facebook blog just before the build date, so a lot of stream-of-counciousness stuff has gone up on that this past month, this blog will remain more in depth…. if you are Facebook, it’s Shorty’s tiny house- the build and beyond.

So, on June 27, we had THE BUILD! About 20 people came throughout the afternoon. Roasting hot. Note to tiny house builders- a June afternoon in Florida is not ideal. The Gramatica’s catered an outstanding lunch, which gave us a little bit of a late start, but within an hour and a half, we were setting the ridge pole! SIPs are the way to go, it was amazing.

20140627_140050 20140627_142058 20140627_162126

Watching the guys build was like a well choreographed dance. They had it really well planned. We had a few opportunities to jump in and screw down seams, but for the most part there were forklifts running around so all we did was sit there in awe.

One of the most common questions was how will I run the electric through these solid walls. Actually, this is something I have put a lot of thought into, and had asked Martin and Bill about. Because of the framing, to go through the wall like in traditional construction isn’t too practical. But there are interior gaps where the conduit can run along, then down through the wall from above. Also in my case, I want my outlets hidden, so I will be running them along the floor, and then hide the wiring behind the baseboards. Plumbing is easy, just like an off grade house…..

20140720_123106    20140720_123129  20140720_123142

Back to the build….. Unfortunately, the inevitable afternoon storms came rolling in about 4pm and we had to stop with only 2 of the 8 roof panels on. The Gramatica’s have a business to run and already gave me a half day and an amazing experience, so I brought the tiny house back home to my backyard to finish the panels there.

For the past 3 weekends, Tom and I have been battling the roof panels. Using several different methods with varying success, we have put 4 more of those 150 pound buggers up on the roof. The most successful so far involves a sling and a winch.  I have made extensive notes and will publish for future SIP builders once we perfect the installation method.

2014-07-05_14-35-52_605(1)    20140712_110257  20140712_172950

I have also cut out 3 more of the windows and Aurora is scraping out the foam 1.5 inches so we can frame them out. That part is going really well and gives us something to do when we don’t have help around to mess with another roof panel.

2014-07-03_18-23-28_221    20140721_070740

Lots of lessons learned, but I think I will wait until the frame is completely done (next weekend maybe) and I am not so unbelievably sore before I post them! Lots of pros and cons on the SIPS, but would I do it again? Definitely. This house is solid as a rock!


One thought on “The build

  1. Hi Shorty! My name is Brian Darsey. I don’t know if you remember me but I set up this past February in the “Town of Olustee” as the traveling evangelist (with the wagon). I would love to come and see your trailer if you are open to giving me a tour. I did not realize that you lived here in Tampa. Please let me know if we could schedule a time to get together. Thanks!

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