Crazy Busy Fall!

Wow, I have really, seriously neglected this blog!

I did not get the house I posted about in September, and although I was really disappointed at first, I’m now relieved.  The inspection showed that the house had some serious issues with plumbing, roofing, sewer system, a/c and heater- you know, the2014-09-13 17.28.56 cheap stuff… NOT!  So I rented a house just around the corner.  A cute 1910 bungalow on a great corner lot.  Right-sized for my continued downsizing and plenty of space to continue the build.

I moved the tiny house up to Sanford at the end of September.  It was just the shell at the time, but it came through the trip in fine shape.

I had been in Sanford about a week when Code Enforcement came calling.  Someone had called to complain that I was building a shed too close to the lot line.  Well, thanks to Jay Shafer’s workshop, I had all the right answers and the code enforcement official was so nice and interested2014-11-16 09.39.02!  I continued working on the exterior throughout the fall, trying to pick up the yard after each work day, because I’m right on a corner and don’t have a privacy fence.  It’s been really fun, every time I am out working on it someone stops to visit and adsk questions, and when we’re inside we can see them driving by slowly from the kitchen window- sometimes stopping to take pictures.  I wonder how many Facebook pages we’re on?!

So I’ve been working on the house through Halloween, Aurora’s birthday and Thanksgiving. We got most of the roof on and I cut out the arched window over the door. The sleeping loft is in. We had an open house at Jodi Rubin’s CCS Restoration where about 50 people came for a tour.

2014-11-10 22.16.022014-11-21 14.03.242014-12-13 13.31.55    2014-12-21 16.57.422014-12-20 09.38.582014-12-20 10.39.17 2014-12-20 14.09.352014-12-26 08.51.20

I got my first major injury- the ladder slipped out from under me wh2014-11-25 14.42.05ile I was working on the roof ridge and my arm was pinned between the ridge and the ladder rung. Fortunately Jodi’s guys were there helping me move the house to her shop for the day and pushed the ladder up off my arm!  Now I always have my phone with me so I can call for help.  Didn’t learn my lesson though- a couple weeks ago I did the same thing and pinned my wrist.  Aurora had some super-human strength that day and lifted it off me…

After Christmas (and a day sp2014-12-26 17.17.37ent with the family2014-12-31 12.57.10 although I was itching to go outside and work), a planned trip to North Carolina didn’t work out, so I took the time off and put most of the siding on the house!  I used old fence slats, recycled from a fencing contractor here in Sanford.  I’m so pleased with how they look!  For a little while I considered just clear coating the house, they looked so good!    2015-01-05 19.20.392015-01-19 16.35.032015-01-09 16.13.24 While I was working on the siding I noticed that the corner had shifted a little, so I added corner braces, cross bracing through the beams and 4 hurricane tie downs.

2015-02-07 12.07.00We had lots of rain in January, so I missed my hoped-for debut at the Brooksville reenactment. However a great group of Tiny2015-02-07 13.09.37

2015-02-07 12.26.53House friends (the FB group now has over 3000!) came over to 2015-01-24 14.15.15help caulk and paint. And, I bought atruck!  It all started coming together!!

We picked out a blue stain for the house (ironically Gettysburg Blue) and got the whole thing painted in a day!  Aurora also discovered she loves to get up on the ladder, so she helped finish up the roof panels. 2015-01-25 13.01.55 2015-01-25 13.07.582015-01-25 12.50.362015-02-07 16.30.44

So- the Nawaka, the Victorian Tiny House on Wheels is almost ready for her debut!  More on that tomorrow!!

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