Further adventures in reenacting!

A month after Olustee and with a nice porch roof addition, we rolled northward to Jacksonville again.  Camp Milton, a wonderful small event hosted by the Golden Teacup Society and the City of Jacksonville, welcomed us into the village.  The set up was great and I was able to set up my fire pit as well- nothing like cooking in cast iron over an open fire!

I had lots of friends and Facebook followers visit, had fun with the skirmishes and won the cast iron cooking competition (for my chili, not for my Pi Pie).

2015-03-14 17.10.23

2015-03-14 17.14.05

Get it, Pi Pie- the event was on 3.14.15…..

Anyway, it was awesome!  Tebow enjoyed being porch fluff, and I loved cooking all weekend.

2015-03-17 21.21.56 2015-03-14 18.48.40 2015-03-15 09.09.03

A month later and it was time for the annual Ladies Encampment, this time in our new location- Barberville Pioneer Settlement.  A weekend of classe and sessions especially for ladie to perfect their Civil War era persona. The Golden Teacup Society LOVES our new encampment home!  And once again, the Tiny House fit right in with the environment at Barberville.  We even had a blanket sale (selling off more stuff to finance the build!)

2015-04-15 21.46.44

Last week found us at the Bartram Bash in Switzerland, St. Johns County.  Alpine Groves Park is my “old home place”, it’s where we lived when Aurora was born and holds a very special place in our hearts.  We had over 300 visitors to the Tiny House in a day!  So much fun getting the word out, and just a very special weekend, waking up on the bluff at Alpine again!


Looks right at home!

1508 (2)

Giving the “Mother Earth and Fellow Man” award to Beverly Fleming on behalf of the Stetson Kennedy Foundation

1508 (6)

William Bartram, Florida’s historic naturalist


Lesley, with Merlin the owl

Scenes from Alpine

IMG_20150419_084159 IMG_20150419_102355

IMG_20150419_102000 1508 (5)

interior view


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