Earth Day 2015

I have been a tree hugger my whole life.  Those Camp Fire Girl roots run really deep.  One of the reasons I love reenacting is the earthiness and back to nature and self reliance of it all, and it’s one of the reasons I have been drawn to the Tiny House movement.

I was at the first real Earth Day, April 22nd 1970 with my best Camp Fire friend, Dianne.  The event was a concert at the town Landfill in Lexington, Massachusetts which was being converted into a park.  We rode our bikes there and paid the admission which was a grocery bag (paper not plastic) of crushed cans.  It was the first big environmentally conscious thing I did, and right at the beginning of what has become a world wide movement.

45 years later and here I am at the beginnings of another movement, the Tiny House one.  All this great stuff that’s important to me really comes together on Earth Day this year- tiny houses, smaller carbon footprint (something I wasn’t thinking about at that first Earth Day), living lightly on the earth, recycling materials for building, self- sufficiency, living history.  Wow.  So Earth Day 2015 found me at the Central Florida celebration at Lake Eola Park in Orlando with 2 other Tiny Houses and a bunch of Tiny House friends and several thousands of Earth Day celebrants, most of whom seem much more caught up in it than even me.

My house is about 75% finished, and I committed early on to use as much re-use and recycled stuff as possible, I estimate I’m at about 90%.  Very Earth friendly.  I cleaned out my day to day reenacting stuff because I thought I’d have a few people wanting to tour.  Set out the “lawn”, emptied the water tank cause I knew there would be kids pumping water into the street otherwise, and set up for the day.


Over 1200 people wanted to tour!  I set up at 9am (an hour early) and they were lined up.  The event ended at 6, there was still a line.  Even after I closed up, hitched it to the truck and was leaving, I had people wanting to see inside.  It was really overwhelming.

So many people all day asked me what I was selling.  Earth Day has really become commercial!  (I should have put out a donation jar, but my mind still does not work that way!) My response is on the T-Shirts we were wearing- Simple Life. De-junk, de-clutter, live lightly, simple life.   I am not there yet, but it’s a great goal!IMG_20150425_165749

I think we also answered the question, “How many people can you cram into a Tiny House?”

Anyway, it was a great, rewarding day.  Our Tiny House group has been asked back next year- we’ll be bringing a village!!


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