The FACT (Florida Authentic Civilian Towne) of the matter…..

I have been so very delinquent on keeping up with this blog!  One because the Facebook blog is so easy and two because I have been so so busy!  My new year’s resolution is to make monthly posts at least.  OK, I have missed January by one day, but it’s been a big month in the tiny Victorian house!

So a quick recap of the last few months:

After the Earth Day success, I was asked to speak at a series of library events in Orange County and Seminole County here in central Florida.  They were very well attended, and spread the tiny house philosophy to a larger audience.  What started as a living history thing has certainly grown into a lifestyle choice and I am perceived to be at the leading edge.  Interesting position for me to be in….  In that capacity I am speaking at the Georgia Tiny House Festival in March.


The summer was spent working on the house.  I finished most of the inside, continued to gather supplies and sell off more of the “hoarde”, two big garage sales have netted more to invest in the house.  Installed the wall paneling (cypress, pine and magnolia from a house in Julington Creek) and hardwood floors- remilled from old North Carolina oak.


Is it wrong to love a floor?!

In September, I began my second year as a “NGO” for the Community Building students at the Hague in the Netherlands.  The challenge I gave them this year was to come up with a plan to make a Tiny House Community sustainable financially.  They had some awesome creative ideas, and I will post more on that later.

But this really has been supposed to be about the Victorian Tiny House, the mobile living history resource.  I have continued building in period style with original and re-purposed authentic materials.  Our reenacting season begins in November, but I was too busy with work to take it anywhere but a few small local events, so the big debut for the season had to wait until Brooksville, which is in west central Florida in January.

After the debacle at Olustee last year, I was very cautious about bringing the tiny house to Brooksville.  I emailed several people asking where I would be able to park it.  When I didn’t hear back I really did start to get nervous.  I asked a friend to check it out and was told that the event organizers would love to have me and they would have a special place for me to set up.  Whew!!

It rained like crazy on Thursday and Friday of Brooksville- tornado warnings and everything.  I stayed home until the rain stopped, so I didn’t roll into camp until about 9pm Friday night.  They did have a great spost reserved for me, and one of the rangers in a golf cart ushered me to it!  Quite the different reception!  Had an awesome weekend with so many visitors, both the public and other reenactors.


Brooksville Raid

Sunday afternoon, several people stopped by for an interesting discussion.  Apparently there has been a move afoot for a while to set up a civilian presence on the battlefield, especially for these “raid” type events where the original reason we are reenacting was a raid on a town.  Brooksville is one of those.  So the event organizers were interested in setting up a “town” scenario, but ONLY if my tiny house and I would participate!  Quite the different reception than from Olustee!!  Of course I sad yes 🙂  Snowballing from there, I was asked to attend a small event I’d never been to before- Townsend’s Plantation Raid in Mount Dora, which is only about a half hour from my house.  What the heck, I changed last weekend’s plans and went.  We had so much fun!  They positioned us next to the battlefield, we again had tons of visitors (over 1000 all together) and were asked to do this battle scenario next year at Townsend’s too.  A couple of the ladies are taking charge of organizing the other civilians who are interested in participating in the battle scenario events and we’ve named this new little group FACT- Florida Authentic Civilian Towne.  So it’s separate but similar to the Civilian Camps we’ve been doing for the last 15 years or so- and certainly everyone does not want to be in the middle of the battlefield, so they get to keep the space we worked so hard to establish those many years ago.

So at the end of Mt Dora, everyone in charge of stuff met with another thought.  There’s an event coming up in March which is a smaller festival/raid type thing in Williston.  Why wait until next Brooksville to start the Towne, let’s blow up stuff, get raided, shoot at the invaders etc… next month!   I didn’t plan to go to it, but since it’s embracing what I am working for and taking off so quickly (much like the Tiny House Movement in general), guess what?  We’re taking some black powder lessons and there is gonna be a battle 🙂




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