Tiny is HUGE!

Almost a year since my last blog post.  Wow, what a year.

fb_img_1460330309824The Tiny House movement is HUGE.  No I don’t need to tell you that, but wow.  It is HUGE.  Those TV shows, festivals, they made fun of them on “The Middle” and embraced them on “The Real O’Neal’s” (same network….)

In this past year, I have been chugging along on my house.  I work on it, go to a reenactment, work some more, get invited to do a “tiny talk”, work some more, go to a festival, host a festival WHAAAAT???!!!

Yes, so this has definitely gone from a reenacting thing to a new retirement plan / living choice thing.  I keep getting rid of stuff and working on Nawaka and the choices are just getting easier and easier.  And then the festival thing…

Back in  2015 I met a couple at a “tiny talk” hosted by the Orlando libraries.  I was speaking the following week, so I just wanted to hear what other tiny housers were saying.  They were putting together a little tiny house festival up in Georgia and seemed like a fun couple so I said yeah, I’ll come!

20160304_131750Well, it was awesome!  I took my mom and we had a blast.  Met the “movers and shakers” in the tiny house world.  Spent most of the day welcoming visitors into the house, but got to speak and see a few other speakers.  Logistically they needed some help and since I’m a planner and event person and sucker, I said, hey I’ll be happy to help you if you want to do one in Florida.

So this past November we threw a little festival for 60,000 of our closest friends.  Seriously, the Florida Tiny House Festival was amazing.  We had it in St. Johns County at the Fairgrounds- an ideal location.  Sure there were bugs, but overall, 60,000 people!   We’re doing another in Georgia in March, then New Jersey in June, Tennessee in September and Florida again next November.  We’ve been asked to consider Oregon.  I’d love to take it to Massachusetts.  Can you say Australia?!  We have a formula that works, brings a great economic impact to the host community and promotes all aspects of tiny house living, construction, permitting, and on and on….

In the middle of things I had the opportunity to go back to the real Nawaka- the camp I went to as a kid.  You can go home again.  It was wonderful.  I was chosen to light the council fire- an honor I have never had before.  And- you kind of have to be a Nawakan- we were sharing stuff and I said I had built my own tiny house and named it Nawaka.  EVERYONE got that.  It was amazing.

20161008_072238This past fall, we all weathered Hurricane Matthew.  In an informal survey- all of Florida’s Tiny Houses came through the storm intact.  I know I had a huge branch fall on Nawaka.  It took out the power and tore the attic wall out of the house we rent while I finish the tiny house, but Nawaka came thru with just a character dent….

In the midst of all this I still have been going to reenactments- not having to set up the tent has made reenacting really fun again!  My schedule this year- between tiny house festivals and reenactments-  is booked almost every weekend from now til our event in June!  The reenacting community  has been incredibly welcoming, and we really try to add a positive resource for the events we attend.

So who has time for blogs?!  I really will try to be better this year.  So much is happening, and it’s so exciting!





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