2nd Annual Florida Tiny House Festival

Orig published Nov 20, 2017

What an amazing festival we’re wrapping up. Definately the best one ever! I’ll post numbers and details later, but I wanted to share two amazing things that have just happened this morning.

Awesome thing #1:
Bryce Langston from Living Big in a Tiny House stopped by Nawaka as we were packing up this morning. He had visited yesterday when I wasn’t there…. There’s more than a small possibility that he will stop back by sometime next year to do some filming, but only if I dress both of us in period attire. Yeah, twist my arm a little!


Awesome thing #2:
Still basking in my little star-struck glow, the guys from Humless dropped by with an incredible surprise. Full off grid power for Nawaka! I have been drooling over their solar setup all weekend, and they gifted me with the perfect unit to power us through weekends in the woods. Guess that icebox will turn into a refrigerator sooner rather than later!! So now we’re “Nawaka, powered by Humless” my first sponsor!!


Awesome bonus thing:
Got to spend a little time and chat with Jay Shafer, who was the first person who made me believe I could do this.. He was a speaker at our event and received a lifetime achievement award for inspiring the tiny house world.


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