Evacuating to Tennessee- and a tiny tiny fest

Orig published Sept 5-10

One of the most common questions when I do my “tiny talks” is: What do you do about a hurricane? I laugh and say, my house is on wheels, I load up and evacuate!

Well, I’ve never actually had to do it, last year’s Hurricane Matthew only grazed us in central Florida. But this week, with the uncertainty of Irma and leaving for the Tennessee Tiny House Fest anyway, I did just that. The building supplies are in the shed, the shed is sandbagged, the Gypsy build is tarped and battened down and we are headed to Tennessee.

Thoughts and prayers are with everyone in the path of Irma. Stay safe!

Post-storm update

Whew! Festival. Hurricane. Evacuate. Clean up. Whew!
Tennessee festival was wonderful. Nice, relaxing, beautiful venue. Lots of extra Tinies because of hurricane evacuation. Smaller event because of hurricane. 2 days of rain post hurricane in Florida prevented us from leaving- I try not to tow Nawaka in the rain. So some enforced down time…..
After a few delays leaving Tennessee (fellow Floridian evacuee’s escaped cat) we made it home to our “new place” to find a tree right where my tiny house is usually parked. Massive flooding in my adopted hometown of Jacksonville. Mom came through fine, no electric for about a week, but we are all prepared Camp Fire Girls (well, mom’s a Girl Scout, but we don’t talk about that…)
After assessing damage in St Augustine, headed back to Sanford to check on the status (and cats) there. We were very worried about one in particular, no one had seen him post-storm. Of course he came running as soon as he heard the truck. All cats accounted for within an hour. No flooding, everything just as we left it. Whew!
Flooding in Downtown Sanford 2 weeks post-storm is still pretty bad. All of the storm runoff in our lazy St Johns River is gathering in our lake and overflowing the banks, much as it still is in Downtown Jacksonville. Don’t know why it hasn’t really received much media attention.
Anyway, we’ve had a busy month, made crazier by the storm. But we’ve rolled through it and mostly stayed dry.

Post storm evacuees

Jacksonville was really hit hard…

Normally, tbere’s a tiny house there. Thankfully, we evacuated…


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