If I had a “do-over”

Orig published Nov. 8, 2017

Another question I’m commonly asked- what would you change about your house if you had a do-over?
I really love my house. Really love it. So I’ve been saying either nothing- or moving the parlor window about 2″ towards the door (my piano be blocks about 1/4″ of the window) but really nothing.

But after living in the house full time since June (5 months!) I would have to say I’d have made the bathroom bigger. Not much bigger, but bigger.

Originally my plan was to use the house more as a period camper. So the bathroom was not really a priority. I really wasn’t even going to put in a shower at first (we reenactors usually just sponge-bathe during events). But I did do a little “wet bath”. Very little. It’s 22×40. My butt is pretty much wider than 22″! It’s a tight fit. I feel like that Tiny house episode of Portlandia. Look it up, it’s hysterical.

Well, as of yesterday it’s done except for sealing the corners and I must say I’m pretty happy with it. I took a hot shower last night and actually have more space because I now have shower walls instead of an assortment of shower curtains. And my hidden storage wall works like a dream.

So if I had a do-over, yes I’d have made it bigger. That would have enabled a bigger loft and bigger kitchen and maybe a bigger parlor. Which of course would have meant a bigger trailer and bigger truck.

But it’s a TINY house and I love it!


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