3rd Annual Georgia Tiny House Festival

Orig published March 6-9, 2018

The 2018 Georgia Tiny House fest is in the books! 93 tiny homes (THOWs, Skoolies, sheds, van conversions, teardrops, and 2 yurts) came together for 3 days of amazing at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. Our team arrived on Wednesday and left on Monday, and in between put on another awesome event!

Arriving at Atlanta Motor Speedway

Happy International Women’s Day to my impromptu group of Tiny House owner/diy builders. Random chance threw us together on Sunday of the Festival for a great session of empowering other women!
Miranda Aisling Hynes 1 year into the build
Andrea J Burns 2 years
Hilarie Kaczetow 3 years
Shorty Robbins 4 years
You ladies make my 💗 happy!

Teenie’s Jammin!

And where is the coolest place YOU’VE ever dumped your tanks????


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