The value of a tiny house

Taking a break from recapping my adventures this past spring, here’s some math I did….

And a bit of a rant…

There is so much dicussion lately about the cost of “builder model” tiny houses. I’m a DIYer for many reasons, one of them being that I couldn’t afford to buy what I wanted to have built. That is entirely my problem, not the builder’s. So I let loose with a little rant in a whiner’s post, which will probably be taken down- so I’ve copied it here, because this is my page and I can….

I think builder THOW cost should be like anything retail- you take the wholesale price (in this case cost to build it, plus overhead and expenses) and double it. No one has a problem with that when it’s a Starbucks Grande Latte Mocha Crappachino, but when it’s a HOME…

Yeah and I did DIY mine, at a base cost of $22k. With 3 years of weekends in building it, lets say 150 weekends, 20 hours per weekend (very conservative estimate). 3000 hours. Since I was unskilled at the beginning of this endeavour, let’s pay myself $7 per hour. So that’s $21k for my labor. For overhead, I built it in my backyard- of a rented house where my only real requirement was room to build the tiny house. So lets say 36 months of rent at $1200 a month. Lets take 15% of that for overhead- the yard in which to build. So that’s $6480 for overhead. That brings my total DIY build cost to a conservative $49,480. Spin the retail magic in that and it makes my little house market valued at almost $100,000. So seriously people, shut up about builder cost.

And an added rant about the “disabled” whiners- people, it’s not the builder’s fault that you’re disabled. They have to make a living. If you don’t like the cost BUILD IT YOURSELF. Don’t give ME your disabled… I’m old, overweight, legally blind, arthritic, and my knees are bone on bone. And I built mine. Put on my big girl panties and did it. Yes, I hurt in places I didn’t know I had after every building day. You know who inspired me? Quad rugby players. Those guys can do ANYTHING and medically, they have no limbs… I have nothing to complain about.

So lay off on the builders. No one is getting rich off of tiny houses…

If you give up on your dream, no one loses but YOU!


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