Golden Teacup tiny Victorian Village

The Golden Teacup Society began in 1997 as a group of woman reenactors who were interested in accurate portrayal of civilian women during the 1860-1865 America Civil War period.  We have grown to be recognized in the reenacting community as an organization dedicated to authentic portrayals, attention to historic detail, and guiding new women on the path to accuracy in their impression.  The Golden Teacup Society sets up camp in dedicated civilian areas at many reenactments, portraying the lives of the women left behind during the War Between the States.  We camp in period wall tents, set up as our “homes” in a village setting.  We ask visitors to the civilian village to “suspend reality” a bit, and imagine these tents as our houses, with walls and a roof rather than canvas.

We have recently discovered the Tiny House Movement, largely begun by Jay Shafer of Tumbleweed and Four Lights Tiny Houses.  Small homes on wheels, built in a traditional style, struck us immediately as a solution to hours of set up, questions and confusion by visitors, and they are just so darn cute! We easily envision pulling into camp, putting up an “A” to hide the trailer tongue, dropping the steps and being ready for visitors!  This blog will follow several of the Teacups as we build our homes on wheels and create the living history village of Golden Teacup.


4 thoughts on “Golden Teacup tiny Victorian Village

  1. I’m glad you’re doing this. I find the Tiny House very interesting and am looking forward to watching this adventure unfold.

  2. Sounds like a great Idea to me. I know how long it takes for you to put together your camp, and worse… to take it down!!! Good luck with this project I will be following your progress with interest. Up here in Chiefland one of the MH dealers has displayed a tiny log cabin on wheels that I have fallen in love with, first time I saw it I thought about my re-enacting days and what fun it would have been with that!!!!

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