Snallygaster’s Custom Tailoring

Welcome to Snalligaster’s fine period reproductions

for the discriminating reenactor and living historian. 

I use many research sources for the patterns of these garments.  If you have a special

request (such as a certain trim style, copy of a photograph) or a new source

of information, please let me know and I will work with you.

Please browse the attached form for the garment to suit your needs.  If you do not find it, please don’t hesitate to ask!  If I can find a photo, drawing or other reference, generally I can produce the garment.

All quoted costs are for construction only, I EXCLUDE fabric, buttons and other notions.  These can be supplied by the client or I will provide at my cost plus 20%.  Quoted cost includes machine topstitching and buttonholes or hand worked topstitching and buttonholes available for additional fee.


Make it and Take it-  Get a group together and have some fun!

Cage Crinoline                     $300/kit, $50/two day workshop                                          $350

Corset                                    $100/kit, $50/two day workshop                                        $150

(fashion fabric provided by participant)

**beginning sewing skills necessary

Wrapper                                Fabric provided by participant, two day workshop              $50

**intermediate sewing skills necessary

Drawn Bonnet                     $25/kit, $25 one day workshop                                              $50

**beginning sewing skills necessary

Corded Petticoat                  $25/kit, $15 half day workshop                                             $40

**beginning sewing skills necessary

Body Double Form             Materials provided by participant, half day workshop           $15

Six person minimum, no workshop fee for hostess.  Cost includes workshop expenses only.  Location and lodging/meals for participants extra.  Check with me for details.