Foundation for the Future

2014-01-11_09-02-56_86Well, it is here, tangible, substantial. The foundation for my tiny house, the trailer, is sitting in my back yard. That may not seem like much, I could have gone out and bought a 20′ trailer from anywhere but this is different, this is big. Not just big in size, but I will get to that, but big in so many other ways.

It is custom, exactly how I drew it. No modifications, welding, blood, sweat and tears necessary. Already been done by the awesome guys at Machine Works in Plant City. They got into this project. I have owned a lot of trailers, this is a quality piece of work. They took me seroiusly when I said I was going to live in this thing and put some miles on it. It tows like a dream. I backed it into my tiny driveway (uphill, one lane, 10′ wide gate, narrow street with no manuvering area) with no problem, first try, 5 minutes. That is huge for me- I really will be able to go anywhere.


The inspection team

It is massive. That sounds funny for a tiny house, but that is the first word that comes to mind when you see it. The beams are 8″. Huge heavy duty axles and tires. But the floor of the house is only 2′ off the ground. The tanks are in, it’s ready to stub out the plumbing and put down the sub floor.

It’s light. It weighs 1500 pounds. It’s aluminum, all recycled material. Except the tires, brakes and wiring. Even the wiring is awesome, flat LED lights, waterproof and easy to hide.

So it’s here. It’s in my back yard. No more excuses. Time to start construction. Well, I did get the final quote on the SIPs. Gotta sell some more stuff. So that makes it a win-win too!2014-01-11_08-37-20_0


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