Sneak Peek!

The Gramaticas, and their builder Paul, have great attention to detail. They wanted everything enough in advance that they could build the tiny house, take it apart and have it ready for TOMORROW’S BUILD with no surprises. I thought that might be overkill, but what the heck, right?

So glad I went with it! The bolts were the wrong size. Ok, 100 more washers from Home Depot. Check. The nuts didn’t fit on the bolts. Ok, frantic email to the supplier in Massachusetts who sent the right ones SAME DAY AIR and refunded most of my initial cost. Check. The aluminum stabilizers over the wheel wells were not as wide as the 2×4’s they were replacing. Ok, added a 1/4″ furring strip. Check. Oh I am so glad they decided to have a dry run!

I went by there today to see if there were any last details (note to self, Paul drinks Mountain Dew) and got a sneak peek of my house! He had about half of it framed up and the rest of the panels cut. Everything fits together. We’re not sure about fitting windows yet, that is probably the only thing we’ll be winging tomorrow. I got the final dimensions from CCS today and Jodi is bringing them down on Saturday. Paul said if I bought him a new saw blade, he would cut them out.

This is really happening! Here’s my sneak peek:


2014-06-26_13-13-42_840   2014-06-26_13-08-55_1   2014-06-26_13-14-16_859


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