Historical Persistence

Just about the same time as we were having our “moment” a couple of months ago, another long range plan was coming together.  IMG_20170211_190628

Patience and persistence pays off.
I’ve posted here and there about my challenges about being accepted at one particular living history event. Even after the awesome success at Brooksville in January, the big one -Olustee- was the goal.
I wrote letters last year and was turned down for setting up in the authentic camp, sutlers or educational area. So I cheerfully set up in modern camp. Showed the house to hundreds of people.
This year I wrote letters and included photos. I really targeted in on the educational area.
When I got home from Brooksville and checked my emails, I found one from the Olustee ranger.  Approved!!!!

So, quick little event at Mt Dora (too much fun!) lots of finishing touches on the outside of Nawaka to be painfully correct for Olustee and off we went.  Set up in a very familiar spot at the park… twenty three years ago at my FIRST Olustee, my tent was right in this exact spot.  It felt so perfect coming full circle.  There were two wet-plate photographers there and I’ve always wanted an image… so we got two!

Several times over the weekend I repeated the story of how this tiny house came about.  5 years ago, at this very event, it rained.  It rained.  It rained some more. I hit my limit.  I was ankle deep in swamp water and everything canvas was leaking.  I caved and put up a blue tarp over out tent compound.


I seriously was over it all and ready to call it quits.  Then my daughter in law (in the photo above) showed me a picture of a tiny house…. and the rest is history. I spent the rest of that rainy weekend researching on my phone and by the time I hauled all those wet tents and carpets out of there I had a plan…..

Saturday I was sitting at the Ladies Tea telling that story.  Someone came up behind me and hugged my neck, it was my sweet grandson Jaden, and behind him was his mommy, the very same daughter in law who started this whole thing!  The whole family had come down from Atlanta to surprise me!


We had an outstanding weekend, weather-wise and interpretation.  I could see the ball tent and all the sutlers from my front porch, so the kids had a great time coming and going, we were really in a town setting with a place to come home to amidst all the bustle and activities.

….and the organizing committee asked me to come back next year…..


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