2018 Reenacting Season

Remembering that the reason I built Nawaka in the first place was to not set up a tent anymore…. It’s been a great reenacting season. A number if events were canceled due to the current political climate, but enough remain that are awesome to attend. Added layers of security and emergency procedures make it still a fun, worthwhile hobby.

Brooksville Jan 19-21, 2018

Back to the Brooksville Raid!
The event was spectacular! The first anniversary of our period “towne”. Perfect weather- cold nights and comfortable days.

The scenarios themselves went really well, much fun and excitement from both armies and the civilians caught in the middle. Nice tea presentation from a tea room in New Port Richey. I even won a $50 gift certificate at the ball which I redeemed at Charleston Tintypist. The Union Army has apparently chosen to use me as an induction for their “fresh fish”. So they sent an unsuspecting new recruit to bang on my door where I met him with a pistol to the face…. Oh wow! Too much fun!

The bookends to the weekend weren’t quite so much fun. A visitor on Saturday morning day to rest on my porch and passed out, crashing backwards thru my front window! He was out cold for a minute or so, and I honestly thought he was dead on my porch. Paramedics came, he was revived but very disoriented, had no blood flow and was transported to the hospital. That was a little scary! His head was right through my window. I moved him to put a towel between his head and the jagged glass (fortunately he did not cut himself), and he was just out cold. Anyway, don’t know what happened to him after they took him to the hospital, hope he’s ok.

Anyway, the rest of the weekend went as scripted đŸ™‚ Packed up in no time and took off for Mt Dora to prepare for the next event. A mile from my destination there’s a massive shaking, big crash and I slammed on the brakes (only going about 5 mph). The trailer hitch had SNAPPED!! The tongue of the trailer was dug into the dirt road about 6″…
So I called my friends (where I had been headed) and started jacking I the trailer from the side. Got a scissor lift under it, jacked it up some more, changed out the hitch, friend got there to help finish it out. Did block the road for about 10 minutes and piss off a neighbor for not letting him use a tractor to MOVE MY HOUSE, but all ended well.

Never a dull moment….

PS- the gentleman who passed out on my porch contacted me later, is fine and, paid for window repairs!

Townsend’s Raid Feb 2-4, 2018

Always our favorite event because of the small close fellowship, the proximity of the spectators to the battle, and the awesome antiquing at Renninger’s! This year the soldiers really came to play- we had a blast!

Olustee Feb 16-18, 2018

The fourth appearance of Nawaka at this big event; we’ve fallen into a great rhythm. It’s all about the education here, we had over 5000 visitors through the door. Ran into some pre-reenacting friends, weather was perfect, going to sleep with the sounds of the ball drifting over….



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